Graduated with an engineering degree and completed my thesis related to computational engineering design, I found myself enrolled in the web technologies postgraduate course at RMIT. This was where my fascination with the web began.

I started my career as a web developer working full-time while completing my postgraduate course part-time. Gradually I was being exposed to the graphics and visual elements of the web while working with web designers and I developed great appreciation for web design.

My interest in web usability grew as I gained experiences in the industry developing backend logics to support intuitive and cohesive front-end experiences. To date, I have worked in different environments and in multiple projects ranging from design agencies, freelance, university to corporate and governmental projects.

I attended Shillington College's graphic design course in 2012 so I could understand visual designs better. Currently I am attending part-time course in photography at PSC which is a challenging mix between visual creativity of taking pictures and technical complexities of using a camera. Photography also serves as a get-away for me sitting in front of the computer desk.

I am now involved in user interface design and usability as my career gradually evolves. My developer experiences provide me with the foundation to better understand and grasp technologies quickly while my visual and graphics interests equip me with the creative knowledge to design a better user experience.